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If you would like more information about the Water Industry Achievement Awards 2017 please contact:

General enquiries & awards entries:

Rachael Cannon
Senior Events Executive
tel: 01342 332 041

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Deborah Lilley
Client Manager
tel: 07733 232925

Sustainable Events

Faversham House is committed to minimising the impact of its events on the environment. We accept responsibility for the environmental effects of our events, both locally and globally, and we are committed to reducing those effects through the entire life cycle of each event.

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are:

  • Measure the impact of each event on the environment, and set sustainability targets for continuous improvement
  • Ensure we comply with all relevant legislation – environmental and otherwise
  • Implement a training program for our staff to raise awareness of environmental issues, and ensure their support for our sustainability policy
  • Encourage our suppliers to adopt a similar policy, and make sustainability a factor in selecting suppliers
  • Ensure that all Faversham House events are planned in accordance with BS8901 2009